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They Were Eleven versus Rokka no Yuusha

While googling around for information on Rokka no Yuusha when I was writing my recent blogpost, I noticed a certain comic being mentioned several times: 11-nin Iru! by Hagio Moto. Or They Were Eleven in English. I’d heard of the title before, but since it’s a shoujo manga from the 70s, my interest in reading it was low. However, feeling curious after reading Rokka, I finally decided to check it out. It has been translated and printed by Viz as a part of an anthology called Four Shoujo Stories, published in 1996. It’s obviously out of print, but I’m sure you can find the scans floating around. There’s also an animated film from 1986 based on it. I, however, decided to buy the recent Polish edition. So, what is this piece of old-ass shoujo-science fiction like? Continue reading

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Oregairu v2 or Loneliness & “Scryed” References

One of many Oregairu pics by Cr-R ( The second volume of Oregairu (originally published in 2011) was released recently in English, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy and read it. And write a few words on it, … Continue reading

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