I finally did what I’ve been wanting to do for years: I made a blog.

You know, once, years ago, I asked myself: Why do I watch anime and do all the nerdy stuff I do? What for? When asked “why?” people frequently answer “because I like it” or “for fun”. That was my answer too, until I decided that an answer like this is not enough. Simply passively consuming culture all the time is a waste. The moment you die, the contents of your head all suddenly go to trash, proving that they’re transient and fragile. There is a way, though, to make what’s is fleeting eternal: writing it down. Therefore, to make my anime watching a little more meaningful, I will be posting about things I consumed here, sometimes.

A few words about the pieces I’ll be writing: I wouldn’t call them reviews. They will be part reviews, part essays on themes, part autobiographical texts, part something else, maybe. I’m so glad that “blogpost” is a word that encompasses everything and nothing.

Also, in my blogposts, I will not care about spoilers. Worrying if there are spoilers in each and every sentence is such a huge obstacle to deal with when writing about culture, I refuse to. Ever read any texts that tell you absolutely nothing about a work because that would be spoiling? Well, I have. I guess that means that my blogposts are either for people who have already consumed the work in question or people wanting to read a text about a work instead of actually checking it out.

I guess that’s enough of an introduction. One more warning: I probably won’t be updating this blog very frequently. Do not expect too much.

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2 Responses to Sup.

  1. Paru says:

    i’ll be waiting.


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